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49ers Release OT Anthony Davis

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20 hours ago, Lith said:

Former first round pick in 2010.  Retired a couple of years ago, applied for reinstatement and is now a Free Agent.  Worth a call at the very least.


Something to look into. Now that we have rid ourselves of the most anti-OL gm in nfl history, let's hope this is last offseason we have to look for handouts and cuts on the OL.. Gase and new gm will definitely make the OL the top priority in draft/FA next offseason. Bell and darnold will be very happy..

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On 5/28/2019 at 5:02 PM, Greenseed4 said:

PFF had him rated as "arguably" the top RT in 2012. 

...what could have possibly changed in 7 years?

Concussions.  That’s supposedly why he retired

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4 hours ago, TheSage said:

Age, condition,  desire, bank account

Anthony Davis has a concussion issue but he also retired the year after Harbaugh left and Mangini and the Ron Jeremy look alike became the 49ers coaches and half the roster retired as a result



So who knows

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