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How does one become a good sports franchise owner?


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11 hours ago, T0mShane said:

I think in order to become a good sports owner you should have to form a coalition and murder a bad sports owner and his minions. 

we're in !..


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If a good owner is one who can improve the profitability of the organization then Woody has been a really good owner. The team is worth considerably more than when his consortium of owners bought it and beats returns on passive investments he could have made with the same money.

Fans do not measure success of the organization by its profitability but as long as you keep spending money on the team winning is only an ancillary goal.

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5 hours ago, Scott Dierking said:

This is like saying Apple has been a successful company because they stumbled upon some wires and circuits and lucked out.

Al Davis and jerry Jones are 2 easy people to use to backup my point. When they won they where football geniuses and when they lost they became bad owners .

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The Johnson's have done more and spent more for the Jets and their fans than any owners before or since.  They have been smart and strategic and where they didn't have experience they brought it in.  Yes, like 31 other teams every year they didn't win it all but the trajectory from 2002-2011 and the trajectory from 2018-beyond was/is very competitive and did/should have us in contention.
The Johnson's are good owners.  Winning a Super Bowl would make them great owners.

I think the main problem, while agree with your point overall, Is the fact that they have to remain in the mix of actually running the team. The top of the jets org should be a long time football mind. Glat is not that so we have to look to outside help to hire GM’s and coaches all while having a president of the NY Jets. If the president of a company can not be relied upon to staff the front office, what good is he? If he doesn’t know football why is he there?

I see this as the number one issue with the jets as an organization. The Johnsons catch a lot of crap for their misgivings but they routinely spend the money on players and staff. They have hired outside consultants to help properly staff the FO on two separate occasions. It just didn’t work. But the effort can not be denied. . That goes against the narrative that they don’t care about winning. They do IMO.

What really should happen is the hiring of a strong football person to run the entire operation. Whether that’s Shanahan, Manning or more of a FO office type of guy like a polian would be beside the point. Just getting someone In that position who can be the boss of everything Jets should be the top priority. This is why we see the fractured hiring practices we do now. Neither CJ or woody are confident enough in their knowledge of the game to gut the org for real and build it the right way. We keep seeing hangers on from the previous regime polluting the tank. Scared to pull the trigger due to lack of confidence. If they ask Neil Goat what he thinks he can’t help them.

If we keep going with this process, with the coach hiring the GM, maybe we will have the GM hire the president. That would at least be consistent. lol

To answer the OP, a good owner knows what they don’t know. Then they hire an expert to take care of that aspect of the company. The Johnson’s have not been able to do that.
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14 hours ago, Nixhead said:

It would help if you grew up watching and playing the sport for the team you own. Does anyone think Chris or Woody ever played any high school football? That would at least give you a decent base of knowledge to help you hire the right people. Also if you were a self made Billionaire that would go along way towards being a successful owner of a team rather than just spending Daddys money to buy a team. Thirdly do what an owner is supposed to do and don't try to be the GM.

I disagree...  great CEO's lead various companies.  Meg Whitman comes to mind.  

I think they hire a great GM and VP operations and they recognize that the biggest input to failure is emotional decisions.

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