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Creating a narrative where Woody comes back a conquering hero

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3 minutes ago, Rangers9 said:

I don’t know how much of the Manish article on Chris Johnson is true. Prob a very low percentage. It’s hard to believe the guy is as shady and as manipulative as he writes. But there is a good chance that Woody is still calling the shots. I mean the U.K. isn’t so far away he probably has plenty of time on his hands and why shouldn’t he, it’s his team. All things considered and not for any football reasons I hope to see Woody back ASAP. 

Manish is shady as they come.. Chris Johnson handled this situation just fine. His idiot brother abruptly left him with both worst HC and gm in nfl. It’s understandable he didn’t want to rush into Judgment and search for both as he is still getting his feet wet. You don’t have to hire a HC right in Jan. You HAVE to have a gm Jan - April for draft prep and draft.. Many gms do a lot of their scouting before end of season.. So now the next gm can also start his scouting team of players sept -Jan. Instead of playing catch up in Jan.. So far Chris is 100x a better owner than his idiot brother 

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