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Chris Herndon....what are we looking at?

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On 6/15/2019 at 7:02 PM, k-met57 said:

some of those posts were gold....the raiders should have about 8 SB's according to his scouting of their players.

And Jamarcus Russell should be a HOF candidate right about now.

Classic prediction:  This is the year Russell passes all the others bye and becomes the NFLs top QB, ahead of Brady.


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On 6/15/2019 at 5:04 AM, Raideraholic said:

Chris Herndon doesn't have the speed , or the athletic ability to be a top ten TE .     No Defense coordinator is staying up at night worrying about stopping  Chris Herndon.    

With that said , can he be a productive  starting Te in the Jets offense? Without a doubt.    With the addition of RB L Bell and the slot receiver you signed in Fa (J Crowder), C Herndon numbers are going down not up.       He's about 500 yard receiver in 2019.   If he is productive Te in the Redzone you can live with those numbers.

the Jets top five Offense threats defense will game plan for stopping. 1. L Bell 2. Q Enunwa - if healthy ( big question mark with him) Most dangerous from the slot - signed a slot receiver so that hurts him. 3. J Crowder 4. R Anderson ( pure speed threat ) 5. Chris Herndon     When you're the fifth option when your Wr corps isn't exactly top tier says you're overrating Herndon game bigtime.

Again save this thread , and let's see how far I'm off.


Good sign when you start out proving you have absolutely no idea who youre talking about, claiming this player lacks speed and Athletic ability in your very first sentence.  Hes fast and extremely athletic for his size at TE.  

The idea that he will be lucky to get the same number of receptions as a year ago because of the additions to the offense would make sense if you actually believe Darnold will attempt and complete as few passes as he did  a year ago.  As a rookie.  With Bates as OC.  With Bowles as HC. 

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37 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

I know some of you guys are joking, but some are serious.  Wesco caught 28 passes for 373 yards and 2 TDs in 3 years at WVU.  He is not a size-speed freak.  He is good after the catch, but more in the Bavaro/Dave Casper carrying people mold.  Not a running back after the catch. 

I think I saw every catch he made at WVU.  I can see him finding some success if the run game takes off.  WVU seemed to do a lot of play action and then quick hit him up the seam off the line.  They may manufacture him some touches like that.  He is not getting open against man coverage or taking anyone's targets and he is pretty raw.  Most likely way he changes things for Herndon is by being a better blocker and keeping him off the field because of the other options at WR/RB/FB.   He will probably be a fan favorite, unless he drops one early and they decide to treat him like Brady, Becht or Mulligan.  Being a late pick he has a better shot of staying in good graces.

I agree here for the most part, except that I don't think Wesco will be on the field in place of Herndon much outside of obvious running/short-yardage downs. It will be interesting to see how Sam spreads the ball around, especially with Bell and Crowder in the mix. Herndon looked like a viable weapon as a rookie. He's another guy who could make a big jump from his rookie to sophomore year. 

I think Wesco's primary job will be blocking from wherever they need him -TE, H-back, FB- with most of his touches coming on dump-offs. I could see them calling his number a few times over the course of the season, with maybe a couple carries at FB mixed in there, too. 

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29 minutes ago, Dcat said:

Wrong.  Herndon indeed hit another vehicle and either a passanger or driver from it was sent to the hospital.

Yeah.   A little different in terms of "aggravating circumstances" than Wilkerson blowing a .09 on a .08 standard.


The charge stems from an incident in which Herndon crashed into a 76-year-old-man’s car in Rockaway Township at around 4:45 a.m. According to reports, Herndon was going around 100 mph at the time of the crash. As a result, his SUV flipped and slid approximately 700 feet. Neither Herndon or the man were injured.

Herndon, 22, registered a 0.14 BAC, nearly twice the legal limit, after the crash. He was subsequently handcuffed and taken away from the scene.



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Wesco strikes me as the sort of guy who you'll occasionally throw to out of a goal-line offense set ... everyone expects him to be an extra blocker and suddenly he's spiking the ball and the PAT Team are heading onto the field.

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