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LT Trent Willams asking for Trade

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25 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Based on their handling of his medical situation.  Meaning no one is claiming he is a locker room cancer, a lazy bum or selfish.  Those are the 3 characteristics that would follow him to his next team.  This doesn't appear to be a situation like that. 

More information would be needed but based on the information at hand he's not a malcontent. 

 Everything I have read suggests he wants a new contract. Not sure what the medical stuff is about but the Jets do have one of the best medical staffs in the NFL from what I have heard. 

If the Jets intend on trading for him, they should be ready to pony up. Maybe Beachum can be involved in the trade. 

He would be a big upgrade. I would not give up a first round pick however. He's 30 and has been beat up the past few years, missing a significant amount of time due to misc. injuries (no wonder he is angry with the medical staff...although it may not be their fault). 

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