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Douglas Introductory Presser -- 3PM Tuesday

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6 minutes ago, JiF said:

I've won a lot of fantasy football leagues off the waiver wire.  I consider myself and expert on this topic. You cannot blow your load immediately on players, you have to be patient and use your positioning wisely.  Being active doesnt not mean instant gratification.  Be patient, persistent and intentional.  Success will follow.


Aside from your obv sarcasm, You literally to work the waiver wire well to win in fantasy. I won all three leagues I was in and went 13-1, 11-3 and 12-2 playing the hot hand QB and never drafting a second one. You don’t plan for these things in fantasy, you take your chances depending on the situation. Picked up James Connor hoping he would be great. He was. Picked up Spencer Ware when Kareem Hunt was released. He did great.

alllllll about the waiver wire.

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