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Douglas Introductory Presser -- 3PM Tuesday

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Wow hard rebuke of Jamal Adams right from the jump. 

Well, he didn't start his press conference by pulling Tom Brady's severed head out of a wicker basket and holding it up to the camera, so I'm calling it a Fail

Cimini looks like a corpse

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19 hours ago, Maxman said:

This will be interesting, hopefully it is better than Gase's opening press conference. I will miss it I have a meeting in the afternoon tomorrow.

What's the meeting about?  You selling this website to Scout?

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Btw, maybe we should eschew commenting on his presser in a thread announcing his presser in case someone who doesn't want to hear what he has to say at his presser happens to inadvertently (or verdantly) click on a thread about his presser. 

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22 minutes ago, Peace Frog said:

Are we playing a game today?!?

Can we win a game today?!?

Then who CARES what he says??!!??

Actually, I'm looking forward to it.  😁


So is every real fan.

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