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Donnie Abraham:Glowing things to say about Bowles defense

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7 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

He rode Bruce Arian's coat tails in Arizona he was a failure in all aspects all 4 years here. 

Actually he rode a Defense that was populated by All Pros almost to a man.

Why did it take over 20 years for Bowles to be named a DC?  Also his close friend Arians gave him the job, now he did again.

Why was Bowles only an Assistant on multiple teams over that 20+ year time period?

The point I’m trying to make is it seems no other team saw him having any great coaching prowess.

How come even in the 4th year with the Jets his D backfield looked like the Tower of Babel many times?  (And D backs were supposedly his strong suit).

I think he is a poor coach in too many ways, the most glaring his inability to make adjustments.

But I’ll be really interested to be proven wrong with his D down in Tampa.  It’s not filled with All Pros, similar to the Jets, so I think it gets torched....a lot.

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8 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

Was Bowles really that great as a DC? Maybe. The next couple of years will be telling. I'm not sold.


Cardinals Rankings

2012 - 17th PA, 12th YA
--- Bowles Becomes DC ---
2013 - 7th PA, 27th YA (added Karlos Dansby + Tyrann Mathieu)
2014 - 5th PA, 24th YA
--- Bowles Leaves ---
2015 - 8th PA, 5th YA

There you go, thanks for the stats.  Whatever "success" Bowles had in AZ was ALL due to one of the best D's Personnel wise in the league.  Whoever watched Jet games the last 4 years saw the guy is clueless the second the opposition figures out what he is doing.

Guy has a lot of juice in the league, now he is a multimillionaire, due to being way over hired, good for him.  Just glad he is now far away from my team.

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