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Donnie Abraham:Glowing things to say about Bowles defense

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12 minutes ago, Jetster said:

F*ck Todd F*cking Bowles! He ruined 4 years of my Jets fandom! Guys walked all over him, had no respect for him, loved because he let them walk all over him, spent millions of dollars & numerous draft picks on defense (HE'S A DEFENSIVE COACH SO DON'T TELL ME HE HAD NO INFLUENCE ON THE WAFFLING MACC DADDY!)

Could you imagine the Patriots defense dancing around like a bunch of idiots on national TV & being ranked 29th in the league? LMAO! I'd love to hear how Belichick would react to that sh*t.

Under Bowles this team was like a classroom under a substitute teacher. It pisses me off it took 4 years to do something about it, I wanted him fired after the freaking Bills game in 2015. I have nightmares of seeing that stupid arms crossed eyes rolled sh*t eating grin on the sideline. F*cker was an imposter grinning all the way to the bank while Jet fans suffered for 4 years watching this dudes ineptness. I'm telling you, Bowles was WORSE than Kotite! 

So the millions of dollars and numerous draft picks on defense dried up as soon as Bowles was fired, and an offensive-minded HC was hired in his stead, right?

Bowles sucked, and should have been fired before his extension (along with his GM counterpart), but I can only imagine his scapegoating after yet another offseason of all-defense plus only short game / ground & pound investments in the offense. Even the $15MM/year big fish FA that got away was on defense. Maybe our shiny new DC was the one really pulling the strings this offseason.

Bowles wasn’t good enough to be the HC, and I agree he didn’t hold enough players accountable. At the same time, that’s easy for a fan to say and hard for a coach to do when there’s no one else on the roster more worthy of being on the field (or worthy of being on the field at all). Convenient to say, “Well yes we’re losing even more games, or losing game by even greater margins, but at least he’s not letting these high priced players get away with their crap.” He’ll get fired all the same, if not sooner, as the GM will be able to point to him not even playing the good players he was provided. Again, it’s convenient for a fan to say how much tougher he’d be. Not all whiny would-be disciplinarians get results.

The players did more than just say they loved him as a person; they were over & over saying they were in the wrong positions, didn’t do what the plays dictated they do, and that they practiced the exact scenario during the week. That’s also on coaching, too, but if the starters are not following instructions and there’s no one else half decent behind them to put out there instead, there isn’t much more for him to do. The only other insinuation is this is and has been a 10-13 win roster all this time, yet they were only winning about 5 games due to the HC.

He’s not the HC anymore, but no one was bringing home championships - and probably not making the playoffs as a wildcard team - with 3 years of backup QBs plus 1 year of a rookie QB (on top of all the other FA and draft misfires all over the field). Be happy Bowles was let go, even if it was late. Also the recent GM move so soon after the owner actually started paying attention said plenty about just how bad he was. Better late than never with the GM as well, but around the league this is being heralded as a great hire. Be happy about that, too. 

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