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The Baker Mayfield and His Mouth Thread

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13 minutes ago, slats said:


I think it's just nice when the Jets aren't the tabloid headliners. 

I like Mayfield, and have never had any problem with the mouthiest players the Jets ever had. Gastineau, Keyshawn, never an issue for me. If Mayfield was a Jet, I'd probably enjoy a lot of his antics. I do think, though, that this time he's made a mistake, which is why he found himself confronted by veterans on the team. You side with your teammates in management-labor disputes, or you keep your mouth shut. It's a lesson he needs to learn. Otherwise, he'll be in that Russell Wilson boat where he's a really good QB who isn't loved by his team. 

That said, of course I want Darnold to be better than him! I'm a Jet fan. I hope the Jets crush the Browns and embarrass Mayfield in week two. But I want them to do that to everyone. 

Pretty much 

I was on record multiple times before the ‘18 draft saying that I would take Mayfield at #6. But only provided that guys like Darnold and Rosen were gone. I even preferred Allen over him. But I still realized that we absolutely HAD to grab one of those top prospects and even though I had plenty of issues with Mayfield, I still thought that he was worthy of a 1st round pick. Not Top 10 really, but a solid prospect who admittedly possessed the accuracy that you need to be a consistent, good NFL starter.

But once we traded multiple 2nd rounders to move up to #3...I wanted dick to do with the guy. We were almost assured of Darnold or Rosen at that point.

I think Mayfield will ultimately be a Jeff Garcia type. He’ll have an 8-10 year run as a quality starter in Cleveland, make a couple of pro-bowls, be beloved by the fanbase, and then transition to being a quality backup for a few years if his ego can handle it.

Not a bust, but not the 15 year, Top 5 QB that I very much believe Darnold will end up being.

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2 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

Cleveland, a wasteland with nothing to do.  Indians and Cavs?

Don’t forget those Bone Thugs N Harmony reunion concerts.

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7 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

Kitchens looks WAY over his head.  

He does

Less than a year ago, the guy was a career RB’s/TE’s coach.

After a bunch of bullsh*t “Super Bowl” hype all offseason, that team could very easily be 0-3 right now if they didn’t have to face a JV Jets squad on Monday Night.

0-3 with Baltimore, San Fran, Seattle and New England on the menu over the next month.

This could’ve easily turned into 0-7.

As it stands, it could still very easily turn into a 1-6 start for them.

The implosion is absolutely coming. And it’s going to be glorious.

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