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What do you think Mike McCagnans biggest regret will be?

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19 hours ago, T0mShane said:

I would 1000% guarantee it was yielding to the pressure to re-sign Fitzpatrick after that first year. 

Pretty much every move he made that second offseason was the wrong one, and seemed to set the tone for the rest of his time here:

- Re-signing Fitz
- Signing a way-past-his-prime Matt Forte
- Signing Mo Wilkerson to a huge contract that he'd never live up to
- Letting Snacks walk in FA
- Drafting Darron Lee
- Drafting Hackenberg

2016 was a complete and utter disaster for him. The only two good things to come out of that offseason were Jordan Jenkins and Robby Anderson.

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18 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


If the plan was to tank, why didn't we do it properly?  Why sign McCown?  Why not sink or swim with Hackenberg/Petty?  Why finish with the 6th pick and then have to give up three 2nds just for the chance to draft one of the "top 3" QB's (which could still have easily been Josh Allen)?

And why did Macc make Kirk Cousins his Plan A and offer him the most money if the plan was always to draft a QB?

Answer:  You're dead wrong. 

Plan A was Cousins. Plan B was a QB from the Darnold class.

That's why he passed on a QB the year before. It was the wrong move. If you don't have a QB, and one (or in this case two) is sitting there to be had, you taken him. You don't pass on him and hope you get a chance to take one next year.

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