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What do you think Mike McCagnans biggest regret will be?

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48 minutes ago, themeangreenkillingmachine said:


I believe Macc's worst move was picking Hackenburg in the 2nd round.  Why do I believe this?

Because every Jets fan I know never believed in Hackenburg.  No one believed in this guy the moment we drafted him.

I personally thought he sucked, and I have not read anything from any Jets fan who believed differently before he played one down.

He was a loser in the draft, after the draft and proved it in every practice and in every game he got any shot to play in.

How Macc saw this differently than virtually everyone else is anyone's guess.

It was his worst decision because it was an obvious decision not to draft this guy in the second round.

If Macc drafted him in the 7th round, no one would be complaining.  If he drafted him in the 4th round, it would have been an awful decision.

But to draft him in the second round, it was just plain incompetent.

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