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What do you think Mike McCagnans biggest regret will be?

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18 hours ago, WayneChrebet80 said:

If he could do it all over again what do you think he would do differently?

Id bet his biggest regret was trying to field a competitive team in year one. He really messed up the timeline (He really screwed Bowles over) by trying to compete the first two years and then breaking it down in year 3. Obviously the awful drafting in 2015 and 2016 didn’t help his case either.

He screwed Bowles over


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18 hours ago, T0mShane said:

I would 1000% guarantee it was yielding to the pressure to re-sign Fitzpatrick after that first year. 

It's  obvious  the resigning of Fitz was a disaster but who else was there? If you want to say we overpaid  for him, I guess that's fair but in today's NFL, 10 or 12 million isn't  a lot for a starter at QB, even if he sucks. 


This is in no way defending Mac. Mac was a bad GM. I'm mearly commenting on the Jets QB situation that season.

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8 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:


If the plan was to tank, why didn't we do it properly?  Why sign McCown?  Why not sink or swim with Hackenberg/Petty?  Why finish with the 6th pick and then have to give up three 2nds just for the chance to draft one of the "top 3" QB's (which could still have easily been Josh Allen)?

And why did Macc make Kirk Cousins his Plan A and offer him the most money if the plan was always to draft a QB?

Answer:  You're dead wrong. 

He isn't  wrong

If we would have started Hack or Petty, we would have had the lockerroom from Hell. The vet players would have mutinied over starting 2 guys that should have been cut already. Also, McCown was about the worst QB available. Ask anyone if they thought he would put up the numbers he did. He was a backup quality QB that never stayed healthy. Taking a guy like that keeps the vets in line and also pretty much guarantees you will not finish high which we didn't. Finishing with the top 6 pick means you sucked. 

As far as Kirk, there was no way he was leaving g Washington to come here. Why would he ever do that. This place was QB purgatory.  I think the front office had to at least try anyway but did you actually think Cousins at his age was going to join a rebuilding team?

As far as the second round selections, I never really understood  why people have a problem with this. That should go down as the best trade in franchise history.  It got us Darnold. I don't care that the Giants passed on him, they have there own crappy GM who will be fired next off season for taking a QB nobody expected to go in round 1, we got our guy. Great trade. 

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