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Albert Breer on Joe Douglas in Today's MMQB

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2 hours ago, MDL_JET said:

I want him to say "He's a FUC*** DUDE!!" and then flip a table in excitement.

But I guess these comments will do for now.

Not in everyone's personality to be a table flipping, f**king dude!!! kind of guy.  These comments on Darnold seem pretty positive and more substantive on his skill set.

“Sam did a really nice job coming back from injury,” Douglas said. “Just seeing him seeing him, he's not a guy that hung onto the ball for very long. He's able to go through his progressions quickly, I like his feet in the pocket, I like his pocket awareness, he's got a nice quick release, ball spins out of his hands, he throws an accurate ball, he can escape. … So he’s an interesting guy. I mean, he’s a good player.”

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