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Albert Breer on Joe Douglas in Today's MMQB

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55 minutes ago, drsamuel84 said:

It's pretty obvious that Macc's issues running the Jets went beyond the bad drafting.  From the comments I keep hearing from CJ and now even Douglas it's obvious Macc was not a good leader.  Seemed like the type holed up in his office all day drinking his coffee and having very little interaction with the rest of the F.O.   It's been brought up multiple times this idea of "forging" relationships with the scouts and the rest of the F.O. that combined with the bad drafts didn't give Macc a leg to stand on.

Definitely agree with this. "Culture" is a word that has been thrown around a lot with regard to these changes, we've heard it from CJ, Douglas, Gase, and Williams. Not a coincidence that Douglas seems like a well liked people person and leader.

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