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MetLife Atmosphere

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18 hours ago, joebabyny said:

Hmmm, I will say I had season on the top of the upper deck at Giant stadium, and I am in row 31 of the lowers in MetLife, and I do feel MetLife is not as loud. It is quite obvious to anyone who is at games these days and was regularly at games at Giants stadium that the number of Jets chants is significantly less. It really died when Ed left. Nobody else was really able to take it over and it really impacted the crowd noise and involvement by a huge amount. On those rare occasions when he made an appearance the last 2 seasons, you could immediately feel the difference. 


I wonder how how the new tax rules killing ticket write offs will effect the crowd, especially in those midfield clubs. I do think attendance was on the upswing last year due to Darnold. 

Guy in the Klecko jersey at the old place behind the EZ kept the chant going too.

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