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Linebacker Darron Lee adjusting well to his new team

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On 6/24/2019 at 7:45 PM, Bleedin Green said:

Forgetting the bitterness of a Jets fan for a moment, when you consider he only cost the Chiefs a future 6th rounder and will be further motivated by only having a one-year deal, odds are heavily in favor of this being considered a good move for them when all is said and done.

Lee will have his best year ever for the Chiefs, basically roaming in a 4-3 with his mother yelling at him to earn his next and likely final contract.

Whatever team signs him to a contract will  regret it.

The Jets need a great secondary to run their 3-4 with 2 not great coverage ILBs.  Adams does make up for a lot of it, which is why his stats are what they are (and he is a good player).  Douglas’ job is to try and beef up the secondary before opening day.  

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1 hour ago, jago said:

he will have a decent year with better coaching and players around him.

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Gase’ decision making process was what you are supposed to do.   The Jets were not extending Lee, and Lee was not helping the Jets make the playoffs.  Save the money, get a pick and try and develop someone else who can play specials.  Move on. 

But yes, this will be his best year.  

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