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Are Jets most changed team year to year ever?

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Been thinking of this for a few days.

From a philosophical, strategic and managerial standpoint I don't think any team ever has changed as much  

We are a completely different team, pretty much a complete 180 in approach from last year.

Conservative defensive minded head coach to aggressive offensive minded head coach offensive coordinator and play caller hybrid head coach.

We also have except for Boyer a completely new coaching staff. We went from a junior coaching staff without a single future head coach capable coach to a very senior staff with at least 5 assistants that have it could be interim or full time head coaches

Completely new FO. Teams hire new GMs all the time, but they usually slot in with existing VPs and other FO staff. But not only did we hire Douglas but ALL major personnel positions are completely new AND we have a former GM as senior advisor. Not only that but the entire FO philosophy is new, new player evaluation system that unifies college and pro evaluarion

New uniforms.

Many teams each year do one of these things, but I can't remember a team doing it all. And teams don't often switch from a core defensive or offensive philosophy very often either 









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They’re in the running. Although probably have to give the “crown” to one of the Synder-era Skins. He treats FA like I treat the state fair. Engorge on food that smells great and then spend the next two days sharting holes through my boxers.

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Although Mac neglected the Oline, we had more talent than some other teams and also avoided any catastrophic injuries to star players (ie colts losing Luck).  And yet - we still managed to win 9 TOTAL games over 2 seasons, and that is in a division with the Bills and Dolphins.  

The reason for that is regardless of what you think about Gase, he is an infinite upgrade over Todd Bowles, Kacy Rogers and Morton/Bates.  Bowels literally doesnt understand basic math, in game adjustments, player discipline or clock management.  

We are a much changed team in 2019 and its going to be a fun year.

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