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Cut One: Elijah McGuire, Trent Cannon or Bilal Powell?

Cannon, McGuire, or Powell?  

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  1. 1. If I were the Jets GM and I had to cut one, I would cut..........

    • Bilal Powell
    • Trent Cannon
    • Elijah McGuire
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Cannon - the old pro Powell is needed for leadership and experience
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Powell - Cannon is too valuable on special teams
    • If I could, I'd cut both Powell and Cannon - McGuire is a solid backup for Bell
    • If I could, I'd cut all 3, to be quite honest - I could find a couple of better schmoes on the waiver wire

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2 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

Why can’t Powell be counted on? I see him as a very reliable runner, pass catcher and protector on pass blocking. I actually feel he is the exact opposite. One of the only consistent players on very inconsistent teams.

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He's on the wrong side of thirty, is coming off of a major injury, and has dealt with injury issues his entire career. Expecting him to be the player he was a couple of years ago is like mining for fools gold. He was a great Jet but probably falls in line with the Murrells and Baxters of our past. Never dominant, just OK.

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58 minutes ago, slats said:

He rushed for 4.3 ypc behind the same OL that McGuire and Cannon managed 3.0 ypc behind. I'd be more concerned if he was coming off a leg injury than I am about him coming off a neck injury. We're talking about the third string back here, he doesn't have to be dominant. If he's healthy, he's an ideal jack-of-all-trades RB who can carry the ball, catch the ball and, maybe most important, pass protect very effectively. 

I have no idea how someone could take McGuire over him just because he's a few years younger. Powell is just better. 

I worry about him falling off of that proverbial cliff like most RB's do around his age. It doesn't help when he already stated that he's out of shape.

I'd prefer my third back be a younger guy that hopefully gets better over time. And FTR I don't want McGuire either, he's terrible.

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