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Cut One: Elijah McGuire, Trent Cannon or Bilal Powell?

Cannon, McGuire, or Powell?  

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  1. 1. If I were the Jets GM and I had to cut one, I would cut..........

    • Bilal Powell
    • Trent Cannon
    • Elijah McGuire
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Cannon - the old pro Powell is needed for leadership and experience
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Powell - Cannon is too valuable on special teams
    • If I could, I'd cut both Powell and Cannon - McGuire is a solid backup for Bell
    • If I could, I'd cut all 3, to be quite honest - I could find a couple of better schmoes on the waiver wire

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Powell has shown over his career that he cant be counted on.  Hes coming off an injury which no one was sure, still dont, know if he will be himself.  Hes older than the rest for bonus point.
I would be shocked if hes on the roster and one of the others is gone

You know it’s amazing how everyone is judging the talent of this group, especially the young guys. We have certainly seen what Powell can do over the years. Is he a great talent, of course not;but he is a plugger. Four yards 3 yards 5 yards on an almost consist basis. He has done a ton of garbage work over the years for this team.
An here’s the thing I don’t understand about all this prejudgment, most of all these guys runs have been from behind this load of crap we call an offensive line.
How can we truly know how good any of these young guys are until we can pull a line together that can actually impose its will on a defense and open up a running game.
Let’s face it, the lines of the last 4 or 5 years were just above average when pass blocking and certainly well below average in run blocking.

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