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Cut One: Elijah McGuire, Trent Cannon or Bilal Powell?

Cannon, McGuire, or Powell?  

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  1. 1. If I were the Jets GM and I had to cut one, I would cut..........

    • Bilal Powell
    • Trent Cannon
    • Elijah McGuire
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Cannon - the old pro Powell is needed for leadership and experience
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Powell - Cannon is too valuable on special teams
    • If I could, I'd cut both Powell and Cannon - McGuire is a solid backup for Bell
    • If I could, I'd cut all 3, to be quite honest - I could find a couple of better schmoes on the waiver wire

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I voted Cannon. I get that he is a good special teams player but he has shown the least of the bunch as a RB. 

However, McGuire and Powell are both coming off injuries. That will make a big impact on who I keep. If they look great and are fully cleared to play and are outplaying Cannon you gotta keep them and cut Cannon loose. 

I don't get the negativity coming at McGuire. The guy looked solid playing behind a terrible run blocking O-line. He has proven that he can be effective way more so than Cannon. 

Powell you pretty much know what you are getting from. The question with him is, again, the injury...but also his age. Not that he is too old to be effective, but that the Jets may want to give a younger guy the opportunity.  

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On 6/27/2019 at 5:46 PM, Jet Nut said:

Powell has shown over his career that he cant be counted on.  Hes coming off an injury which no one was sure, still dont, know if he will be himself.  Hes older than the rest for bonus point.

I would be shocked if hes on the roster and one of the others is gone

I get the reasoning behind the injury. With something like that you are taking a risk. HOWEVER, if the docs clear him and he is looking good in camp, I don;t see how he would get beat out by Cannon. Powell does everything better than Cannon on the field. He's not a speedster and can't be an effective returner, but Cannon has not proven he can be that either. 

Also, where are you getting this notion that over his career he has shown he cannot be counted on? Not counting last year, where he played 7 games and his rookie year, where he only played 2, Powell has averaged over 14 games a season. He's been consistent. 

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