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Cut One: Elijah McGuire, Trent Cannon or Bilal Powell?

Cannon, McGuire, or Powell?  

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  1. 1. If I were the Jets GM and I had to cut one, I would cut..........

    • Bilal Powell
    • Trent Cannon
    • Elijah McGuire
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Cannon - the old pro Powell is needed for leadership and experience
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Powell - Cannon is too valuable on special teams
    • If I could, I'd cut both Powell and Cannon - McGuire is a solid backup for Bell
    • If I could, I'd cut all 3, to be quite honest - I could find a couple of better schmoes on the waiver wire

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The addition of TM has made Powell nothing more than an emergency back. He does everything Powell can do and is younger and better. In a pinch he can be the lead back. I see no reason the retain Powell with TM on the team. 

As far as the other two, I really wanted to like McGuire but he has shown to bt JAG. If Cannon got rid of the fumble problem, he would be great on ST. Problem is he hasn't  done it to date.

Someone wrote we are removing the stench of Mac. I can think of nothing that would do that better than getting rid of his players that never contributed.  

All three can be cut and we probably don't  miss a beat

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59 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

That doesn't mean removing guys just due to the fact that Macchiato's brought them in though. Peake may fall into that category of non contributors.  I can see getting rid of guys that Macc felt compelled to keep like Lee, but if a player can contribute and he's already on the team it's not smart to create a need. 


Seriously? McGuire has flat out sucked. There is no need for Cannon really. He is a good gunner but it's not like he is making tackles on every KO and he is not being used as a pass catcher and won't  be used as that now with Ty and Bell playing on the team. They both can be cut and nobody would notice a difference. What need woukd be created. 

Even though Powell was brought back by Douglas, I have no idea why. He had a serious neck injury only a few months ago. 

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4 hours ago, GREENBEAN said:

Oh... and I’m delighted that the macchiato spell check thing is still slipping through. I’m gonna miss that. emoji23.png

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Look, I actually  didn't  notice that until you just pointed it out. That is awesome 


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