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Cut One: Elijah McGuire, Trent Cannon or Bilal Powell?

Cannon, McGuire, or Powell?  

137 members have voted

  1. 1. If I were the Jets GM and I had to cut one, I would cut..........

    • Bilal Powell
    • Trent Cannon
    • Elijah McGuire
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Cannon - the old pro Powell is needed for leadership and experience
    • If I could, I'd cut both McGuire and Powell - Cannon is too valuable on special teams
    • If I could, I'd cut both Powell and Cannon - McGuire is a solid backup for Bell
    • If I could, I'd cut all 3, to be quite honest - I could find a couple of better schmoes on the waiver wire

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Probably one of the worst polls ever concocted. The question specifically says "Cut ONE", then 4 of the 7 options involve cutting more than one. foh


Choose 1: A, B or C

* A

* B

* C

* A & B

* A & C

* B & C

* A, B & C


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5 hours ago, Bleedin Green said:

No, Martin averaged 4.0 ypc. A 33% better output is a pretty significant difference.

Over 3500 carries compared to McGuires 92. It's a lot easier to have a big YPC with a small sample set yet McGuire still pales in comparison to Martin in the category.

To whomever did this, please don't ever mention McGuire in the same breath as Martin. McGuire is straight trash. He will be cut in the preseason now that we have an offensive head coach that knows what the hell he's looking at. Complete and utter trash.

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4 hours ago, TNJet said:

Complete and utter trash backs can't have 73 yd td runs against Jax in the NFL. He's no Martin and never will be, you misunderstood. Not a comparison of the caliber of players.

Bro do you realize you sound like fricken Al Bundy when you talk about this 73 yard TD? One big run means nothing.

Why don't you tell us what attributes he has that make him special?

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1 minute ago, TNJet said:

I've just not seen anything to define him as complete garbage yet after 2 seasons in which the last he was mostly injured. Trying to figure out where the hates coming from fir the kid? I am for a 6th round pick of Macc to be a success and not just another failure,call me optimistiv i guess. Is there attributes to Cannonthat make him so much more special? Besides playing at an even smaller school in Virginia State? LA Lafayette is atleast Div 1.

I think they're both trash tbh. I just don't see anything they do exceptionally well and they both seem to have feet for hands.

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13 hours ago, TNJet said:

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink. Both of these guys are Jets atm so I'm hoping they both succeed. End of discussion for me. Go jets.

You must love sniffing assholes seeing as how you spend as much time as you do on a site that is dedicated to discussing opinions.

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