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Why do some fans hate the Jets?

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8 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Wow, this sh*t again?

This isn’t questioning fandom, this is questioning reason. The past is the past, f*ck, if everyone lived in the past you’d all be Tom Shane shooting semen on a Jamal Adams poster & shoving an Adams action figure up your butts in the bathtub pretending Jamals a deep sea diver.

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7 hours ago, Warfish said:

Who are you talking about exactly?  I'm just not seeing some group of consistent negative posters worth such a whining thread.  

Do you lack control over your own thoughts?  If not, why do you care so much if someone else has "doubt".  If you don't, hearing that someone else does shouldn't affect you, or matter to you at all, really.  

Absolutely true.  Bell and Mosely were great signings.  Is there some group of posters decrying these signings that I am unaware of?

I would wager almost every Jets fan on this site is looking forward to seeing Darnold play and seeing where he is in his development.  And I'd go further and wager that the vast majority are optimistic that Darnold will be better than last year.

What exactly do you want, what is the actual complaint here?  Does this boil down to "boo, why can't you think Darnold is as amazing and awesome and dreamy as I do?".  If so, again, perhaps you care far too much about what other people think.  We'll all get to see Darnold's progression soon enough, and how he does as a very young 2nd year NFL QB.

Again, I'm not aware of any meaningful posters who are not "optimistic" about where we are now vs. the recent past, and how we may do in the 2019 season.  I know I am optimistic and looking forward to seeing our team play.  

Is the problem for you a lack of optimism, or that some posters are still engaging in analysis and are hence not optimistic "enough" for YOU, because in their analysis they may still see weaknesses or issues?  Sounds like maybe you just don't like discussion that isn't just homer platitudes tbqh.

He's not Ozzie Newsome, that's true.  He's Joe Douglas, a VERY well respected guy who has never GM'd before.  No reason to be critical of his hire, it's a great hire.  As is the Savage hire.  With that said, also no reason (yet) to pronounce Douglas as good or better than Ozzie (a HOF-level GM).  Again, what's the issue here really?

All true. 

Also true that each of those things when viewed with even a minor bit of objectivity, have risks and concerns worthy of discussion.  Not going to lay them all out here, but discussing, for example, Gase's history as a Head Coach and manager of QB's does not make one a bad fan or somehow sh*tting on your parade or something. 

Even if they were, so what?  Are you incapable of forming your own opinions?  So what if some folks want to focus on the could-go-wrongs, that shouldn't affect you at all unless your "optimism" is really just shallow and empty hot air.  Beat doubters with facts, not whining.

I think we're all optimistic. 

But you're not the judge of how optimistic we all have to be to meet some arbitrary standard you set, nor are you the judge of how much (if any) analysis or criticism or the like is acceptable.  We're all here to talk about the Jets.  Last I checked, we haven't won the last six Super Bowls, so criticism and analysis have the same place in discussion as optimism.

Maybe stop being a whiner, and just BE optimistic, and counter the "not-optimistic-enough" folks with solid, well thought out, factually accurate arguments......instead of whining about why not everyone is a awesome a fan as you are?  

I've loyally followed the Jets for most of 40 years now.  Who the hell are you to tell me, or anyone else, that we hate the Jets or how to be a Fan?


You must follow another sight I'm completely unaware of.

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4 hours ago, peebag said:

are you like 14?

Was Eddy Murphy 14 when he did this gig? 

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2 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

I read the first sentence and I knew this entire thread was guff. There is no rationalization? This team has a history of making the very worst decisions to the point of being laughingstocks. I sh*t on this team because they have EARNED 100% of the disrespect they get. I'm a Jets fan and I always will be, but please tell me who the hell are you to be preaching to us about fandom?

Coming from Mr. Negative himself..shocking.

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