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Why do some fans hate the Jets?

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6 hours ago, Jetster said:

There is no rationalization for some of the same posters to be so negative about the upcoming season. The same people screaming for Bowles & Macc to be fired want to now want to fuel doubt to those of us excited to finally have a Head Coach with experience & coming from the offensive side of the ball combined with getting a dC in Gregg Williams that can take control so Gase can concentrate solely on Darnold & the offense. 

Although we paid Bell a tidy sum, it was still well below projections in the media. So we come out of free agency with the best Offensive player that was available & the best defensive player that was available (both players easily top 3 at their position). The last time the Jets were in the running for a top player it was Reggie White who used us to up the ante in Green Bay.

Now I read threads downplaying Darnolds progression to leading the league in QBR for the last 1/4 of the season? Defensive players usually don't go out of their way to praise young QBs, but that seemed to happen every week. Guys like JJ Watt shaking Sams hand and saying "keep it up, your hell of player", but as a Jet fan I'm not supposed to get excited about that? 

Listen, I get it, optimism is tough when your future is lying in Geno Smiths hands, or Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh McCown, but let's be real here, to not be optimistic about this soon to be only 22 year old QB of your favorite team (the youngest QB to ever start an NFL game since the merger) you have to be a glass half empty fan. 

Then, to top all of this off, we fire the GM that 99% of the fans hated, get the best GM available in Joe Douglas who cut his teeth under one of the best GMs in the league (Ozzie Newsome), he brings with him a wealth of experience in Phil Savage, a history of believing in building the trenches & especially the Offensive Line, but what we still get is he's no Ozzie Newsome? 

Fan sites are here for posting the good & bad of your favorite team. But to have Sam Darnold fall in our laps, get 2 coaches that have head coaching experience, sign both the best offensive player & best defensive player in free agency, draft possibly the best DT to come out of college since Aaron Donald (that is many, many well known scouts opinion), hire a new young GM from not 1 but 2 recently successful franchises and come here like Eyore to douse other fans optimisms is downright ridiculous. The New York Jets have never ever had front office like this combined with a young talented QB and we have Chris Johnson to thank for it. Someone in this organization finally realized after drafting Darnold that he needed to strike while iron was hot & succeeded on every front.

Your damn right I'm excited about the prospects of my team going forward. If I couldn't get excited about this 2019 season I might as well find something else to do on Sundays & the occasional Monday night.

The Jets have tortured us since 1969 . That's why some of us are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo negative .

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14 minutes ago, win4ever said:

5.  Misery loves company, and a pessimistic circkejerk is comforting to some. 



I can picture Jets fans doing this in the parking lot being led by Fireman Ed .

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