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American Dream Mall To Open In October

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15 minutes ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

Doesn't make him a rocket scientist !!!

No, just makes him a lot wealthier than you are. 

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On 7/9/2019 at 12:29 PM, SAR I said:

I know what I see at the big outlet malls and I'm just offering an opinion like everyone else.  There are only 16 retail stores in this "mall".  And 25% of the space still remains unleased.  So that's a whopping 20 retail stores when American Dream is at capacity.  There are strip malls in East Rutherford that have more options.  And have you seen who's there?

  • Aritzia
  • Banana Republic
  • Century 21
  • Gap
  • Hermes
  • Lord & Tailor
  • Lululemon
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Microsoft
  • OFF 5th
  • Primark
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Victoria's Secret PINK
  • Zara

These are not compelling retailers for anyone living in NJ as we are all within a 15 minute drive of a mall that has all these brands plus 100s more.  And for tourists in Manhattan it's even worse, there are dozens of these retailers near their hotels or an Uber away.  This is a paltry offering from a retail perspective.

So it's all about the water park, the ski hill, and a roller coaster drawing tour buses from Manhattan.  Those tricks may actually work but the project is going to be encumbered by low rent, closing stores, and high operational expenses.  So it's going to fail.  Not hard to predict.


I think it will be fine.  North Jersey is one of the few parts of the country left where malls are doing very well.  It’s close to 1-9 and the turnpike and I’m assuming mass transit so plenty of traffic.  The indoor ski slide thing is a draw


Those stores you listed.  There is no shortage of rich a-holes living in NY/NJ willing to spend $100 on a pair of pants or $700 on manolo blahniks


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