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Packers' profit drops 98% to $724,000, hurt by losing

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We came closer than all but a handful of teams from 1997 to 2011.  In that 15 year span, the New York Jets:
Had 12 non-losing seasons.
Had 10 winning seasons.
Made the playoffs 7 times.
Played in 14 playoff games.
Won 7 playoff games.
That's without a franchise quarterback.  That's with Chad Pennington and Vinny Testaverde each missing half of the seasons they were signed to start. 
The Jets did a lot of winning in the Pats dynasty era.  And we're going to do a lot of winning in the upcoming Jets dynasty era.  The fact that we are a wealthy franchise with a healthy and supportive fanbase went a long way back then and will go a long way right now.  The likes of the Bills and Dolphins are an absolute joke compared to the Jets the last 20 years.  This SOJ defeatist victim attitude has to stop.
I agree. From the time from when Parcells took over through the the 8-5 record in 2011 the Jets (although they never won a championship)were one of the better teams in the league. Making three conference championship games over that period is definitely better than average.

Of course, the last 7 seasons have definitely been wanting. However, I agree that the constant "woe is me" attitude that some display is too much. Complain all you want ‐ it's a free country. However, if you want to play the "poor Jet fan me" card all the time you might as well switch allegiances. The days where you have to root for the team near where you live are long gone.

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