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Hopeful article about Darnold

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7 hours ago, 14 in Green said:


All good points by both of you. 

Sometimes I rush thru a quote and don’t explain myself properly.

Im all for Being optimistic about Sam. Let’s face it, without him we are screwed. My objection is the need to put down a Mayfield, Allen or Barkley when talking about Sam.

i think those teams are happy with who they took.

I couldn’t understand at first why the Giants kept saying they were taking the RB, but then I thought about it, and if they took a QB last year, rightly or wrongly he would’ve sat two years behind Eli anyway.

As for the Browns, I always say I’m no draft guru, but if I were them I’d have taken Barkley first, and one of the QBs, either Darnold or Mayfield 4th. The way it played out though their GM knew better then me (shocker) as it appears he got a really good QB and CB.

In no way am I discounting Mayfield.  Hes tough in the pocket, accurate, can go through his progressions, has enough arm and is a legit leader.  I just personally feel that Sam has an innate ability to see things a split second before they happen and that is while being so young.  Guys like peyton and luck had 6 or 7 full years of starting at a high level of HS and college.  Sam is so far behind them when it comes to coaching, and yet is on par with production and then also comes with elite size and speed.  

You make a solid point about the browns trading down, but the bigger missed trade is the Giants not trading Odell a year ago for 4 and a second rounder.  They could have taken Sam at 2, the Jets would have been forced into Rosen or Allen, and then Barkely at 4 and been set on offense for a long time. 

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I think what is being missed in this whole accuracy conversation is how infrequently Darnold had a clean pocket to throw from.

The fact that he can be accurate outside the pocket, when he has to move laterally, and down the field means more to me then if his % was a bit higher and he was dinking and dunking most of his throws.

Its far easier to coach someone to be accurate more often on check downs.  Its virtually impossible to teach them to be accurate down the field when the pocket collapses and hes already pretty good at that.

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