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Hopeful article about Darnold

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12 minutes ago, Peace Frog said:

Lol ok Captain Literal.

Btw, I’ll get ahead of myself as much as I want.

I get it, you’re not a fan. Been watching him for 3 plus years. 

He’s extremely accurate. 

But yeah, throwing to the crap receivers he was throwing to last year is evidence that he’s not accurate. 

Fish doesn't believe in what he considers false hope until the player proves it on the field.. Nothing wrong with that except I think if Fish won a 500 million lottery he would complain about the taxes..:curse:

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50 minutes ago, Warfish said:

So an incomplete well delivered ball > a completed pass on a slightly lesser well-thrown ball.

Got it.

And using completion percentage as a metric for accuracy is "meaningless and childlike". 

Silly facts like stats are for losers anyway, right?  Got it.

I wonder if we should invent some new words to better describe Darnold's far-beyond-elite'ness when it comes to his superhuman accuracy.... 

Anyone that has followed your posts here or on JI know you have always had a contrarian opinion on things.. For a example if I go fishing on a boat I look forward to catching fish and having a fun day on the water. You on the other hand may think you could get sun burnt, not catch a thing the boat could sink and you could get eaten by a shark.. No right or wrong just different strokes for different folks..:cheers:

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13 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Except not a single word of that is true, and I'd wager I do a hell of alot more fishing then you, old friend.  I'm often pessimistic about the Jets, rightfully so given their history and results.  I've also been optimistic just as often, but people tend to ignore or forget those posts.  Human nature, I suppose. 

The problem here at JN (as it was at JI) is people think posts here represent the entirely of a human being.  It most certainly doesn't.  While I have written more than my fair share of words about the Jets over the years, not one of you know me as a person.  You know only my opinions on the Jets, a tiny fraction of who I am.  


Fish I was kidding you..B)

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