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Hopeful article about Darnold

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19 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

Lol. “Insane to take Baker before him...???”

I think Baker proved last year why he was picked ahead of Sam. Quite decisively actually.

Barkley has nothing to be ashamed of either, despite the RB/QB value thing.

More to the point, you should forget about why Mayfield was picked first, and be more concerned about Darnold proving he deserved to be taken ahead of Josh Allen. There was very little to separate between those two last year. Despite all the  feel good projecting around here.

Don't you find so much of Allen's success last year was due to his running - he was a bigger stronger Steve Young running QB last year.  He seemed to take off early and often last year and broke off a lot of long runs and was way faster and stronger than expected.  Allen didn't have any of the kinds of nuanced and  tough throws that Darnold showed in that article.  Darnold's a QB with great instincts, Allen is a Cam Newton clone without the touch or feel, JMO.

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