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ESPN Future Power Rankings-Jets 29

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The defense has four core young players in Q, Adams, Mosely and Leo.  Add Jenkins, Anderson and Maye and that's pretty solid.  The offense has a potential franchise QB (the KEY piece to all of this), TE and Robby (if he's signed, which I think he will be).  Douglas has to find CB, OL (although I think Osemele and Chuma will be key pieces for the next three years), a WR and complimentary pieces around them.  Harrison is an X factor in all of this which downgrades their ranking.

It's impossible to judge the FO because they're new and have no track record.  It's quite possible Douglas can find some pieces in free agency.  He will likely have around $50mm to play with after re-signing Leo and Robby and cutting Winters and Daryl Roberts.  If Roberts plays well he won't be cut but it will be one less piece to fix.  Between the cap and the draft Douglas needs to find a CB, 2-3 OL and a WR.  If he also needs to find a pass rusher all bets are off.  Still it's doable.  

Using the same logic the Pats will need to replace Edelman, Watson, Andrews, Cannon, Guy, Pennel, Bennett, Van Noy, Hightower, Simon, Chung, McCourty, McCourty and Gilmore.  The entire starting secondary!  Oh yeah, and their 44 year old QB.

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