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ESPN Future Power Rankings-Jets 29

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Just now, kdels62 said:

Can’t disagree... Macc gave us a window of 1 season in which we might be successful and that’s this year. Unless Darnold becomes a top 10 QB we’re a team without talent after next season. Joe Douglas has a lot of work ahead of him.

What talent are we losing?  

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1 hour ago, kdels62 said:

If it measures our status in 3 year...

1) Bell will probably not be here anymore

2) Enunwa probably will not be here anymore 

3) Anderson is on a 1 year tender

4) We might not return any o-line starters next year so it’s all a big question mark

5) The only CB that might still be on the roster is Roberts 

6) Maye would need a new contract 

7) Leo out of contract after this year

8 Avery Williamson out of contract 

9) Adams extension

10) Darnold extension 

And that’s looking forward 3 years, if we look into 2020 we could need to replace (by next year):  5 o-line, 2 CBs, 1 safety, 2 of our best front 7 players, 1 WR.


The post I responded to said we had a 1-year window.  That is preposterous.  You want to go to a 3-year window?  Why?  EVERY NFL team should be able to completely overhaul in 3 years.  You list a guy there that literally signed extensions in the offseason (Enunwa) - yet you are worried about him not being here?  He is signed through 2022.  I'd be more worried if they were on the books past his age 30 season. Darnold was in his rookie year of a 4 year deal with a team option for a 5th and he is on your list of silly worries?  Please. 

This is who we have to worry about replacing next year - Leo Williams (he basically makes the franchise figure now and they drafted his replacement), Robby Anderson, both tackles, but they sucks, so big whoop.  The entire interior line is signed for 2020 - they also mostly suck, so that is a good thing.  CB is a worry, but the guys they have are signed.  Pool is the only one not signed past this season.  

Avery Williamson is signed for 2020.  So is Marcus Maye who is always hurt.  The team has an option for Adams for 2021.  You left out Jordan Jenkins who is up after this year. 

Leo, Anderson, Jenkins and the tackles are the only worries for next offseason.  Find a team with less to worry about. They have a ton of money and few players up.  The talent level is a problem, the talented players coming off contract is not.  


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24 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

Saying that a player sucks so we don’t need to upgrade him is not really a counterpoint. It’s actually exactly my point. Macc left us with a bare cupboard for the future. Either bad players or no players beyond this one-year window where things have to fall exactly right in order for the team to find success.

As for the o-line, if Osemele falters he’s cut and if Winters falters he’s also cut. It’s possible that the only returning OL next year is Harrison.

Having 3 bad CBs is the same as having 0 CBs so I’m not sure why it’s a good thing that they’re signed through 2020. 

Robby isn’t signed after this season and Enunwa can be cut after this year, if he’s injured then he’s done here and that sucks. 

If we still had Macc I’d be distraught with our precarious reality but we don’t and all of this can change rapidly. However, Macc left us in a sh*tty place after 3 years of rebuilding we have a flawed team and 1 year of hopeful success. Douglas seems like he can right the ship but the future was grim before he got here.


How do you have a 1-year window with a bare cupboard?   Do you honestly believe that I am arguing that Maccagnan left us with a talented team?  I was editing my post to add  "The talent level is a problem, the talented players coming off contract is not.'  while you were typing this.  The team has money and assets.  They are not saddled with a ton of bad contracts.  They are basically stuck with Trumaine Johnson.  The is still optimism about the other big contracts.  It is a fresh start.  Not something a new GM should be complaining about

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