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ESPN Future Power Rankings-Jets 29

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1 hour ago, kdels62 said:

Can’t disagree... Macc gave us a window of 1 season in which we might be successful and that’s this year. Unless Darnold becomes a top 10 QB we’re a team without talent after next season. Joe Douglas has a lot of work ahead of him.

1 year?  Based on what, leaving $35 million cap room?  Signing Enunwa, Bell, Mosely?  Helping the OL?   I'm trying to see went we weeks step back a year later.

I don't care about predictions for this season, they could be right but with a new CS, FO, continued growth at QB, this year's draft and the next few we could whine up a lot better than these pointless predictions

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4 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

This season I think we’re a playoff team. I really like Gase and Douglas. I think Douglas will fix Macc’s errors. But right now with the way Macc built this roster and the contracts he gave out, this team is not built for future success. With about $60 million in cap next year this team will need to find starters/ upgrades at 3 o-line spots, number 1 CB, WR, Edge. And that’s not including extensions for Leo or Jenkins. 

My point isn’t that the Jets suck and will suck forever. It’s that Macc spent 3 years rebuilding a roster that will have to be rebuilt again if they want to be competitive during Sam’s rookie deal.

Guess I'm trying to follow the idea that our biggest signings won't help beyond one season.  Bells 26.  Modely isn't old.  Crowder too.

Jets are young enough to continue to complete more than one season if Douglas replenishes talent moving forward.  That's the real key IMO

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53 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

Because Bell relies upon his OL and we don’t have one next year. Mosley is a good piece but he can’t stop teams from killing us downfield. While I love Mosley and Bell they’re limited by the players around them and we’re not in a good spot when you look at the players around them, especially after this season.

Actually Bell doesn't really on his OL.  OLs really on RBs and QBs to keep a D honest.  And why will be be gone in 3 years is he doesn't hey hurt etc?

I'm not getting the logic with Mosley either.  Are you saying he isn't good, weakens the D and it will only get worse? 

All is this also bells the question what will change in year 2?  Douglas is he does his job is going to have a team that gets worse?  After those players help it reverses?

Anyone can guess this scenario will happen.  Without real reason.  While most would think with better drafting and plenty of cap room we'll improve.  Also doesn't this week for every team ever assembled?

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On 7/17/2019 at 2:12 PM, kdels62 said:

Because i'm not giving Douglas credit until he does something. Macc was reactive and the team's construction suffered as a result. I'm sure Douglas understands the roster problems that are looming and he'll be proactive in fixing them, but until he does something,  there are issues.  The secondary and the OL need to be completely retooled and their contracts need to be extended or replaced. Our best WR is on a 1 year tender and there is no replacement on the roster. 2 of our best defensive players are in contract years and several more are reaching the point of their contracts where they can be cut or traded. It's a lot of work for Douglas. 

OL determines RB play (usually). It's rare that it works the other way around. 

I'm saying that Mosley is an average in coverage ILB in a time when offenses are passing more and it will limit Mosley's impact just as it did in Baltimore. If you have a stud secondary then Mosley can do what he does best and stop the run but we don't have the secondary for it so you'll see Mosley play more coverage and it will limit his impact.

If Douglas works some magic then a lot of this can be fixed but it relies on having an exceptional draft and free agency period next year. It is more likely (because the draft is never a given) that next year's draft only adds 1 starter and a few contributors we need much more than that to avoid a let down season. 

So instead of agreeing with a simple, tried and true concept, that Douglassneeds to keep bringing in talent and improving the roster so you'll disagree with that concept until Douglas improves the roster.  Interesting take, bring up Macc, tie JD to him and predict the team will fall off after one year.  Just assume Douglas won't get it down

When you say Mosley is average in coverage first you're wrong and you said teams will run all over us, didn't you? Hes an improvement, easily over what we have.  WTF does that even have to do the team only getting one year out of the roster.  


Athlon Sports

2019 Inside Linebacker Rankings

1. Luke Kuechly, Carolina

Acumen at pre-snap diagnosis reflected by his franchise-record 20 tackles for a loss in 2018. He has more tackles (948), interceptions (17) and takeaways (25) than any other linebacker since entering the NFL as a 2012 first-round pick.

2. Bobby Wagner, Seattle

Seattle’s defense has allowed an average of just 17.4 points in the 103 career games he has played since being a 2012 second-round pick. Only Jack Lambert (15.4) and Ray Nitschke (17.3) have a lower career average among Hall of Fame linebackers.

3. C.J. Mosley, New York Jets


The Jets made him the highest-paid inside linebacker in NFL history (five years for $85 million with $51 million guaranteed) to lure him from Baltimore. Forced 15 turnovers between 2014-18, the second-highest total among all NFL linebackers in that span.

The New York Jets not only made a big splash on the offensive side of the ball this offseason by signing Le’Veon Bell, but they also made waves on the defensive side, signing linebacker C.J. Mosley.  

Mosley will join a Jets linebacking corps that includes Avery Williamson, Brandon Copeland, and Jordan Jenkins, a group that Mosley will unquestionably be the captain of.

So, what should the Jets expect from Mosley going into 2019?

Well, what we do know is that New York is getting a guy who has consistently been one of the best linebackers in football since he entered the league with the Baltimore Ravens back in 2014.  

Mosley has made the Pro Bowl in four of his five NFL seasons, and in the one year he didn’t make the Pro Bowl in 2015, he was still spectacular, racking up 117 tackles, four sacks, a forced fumble, a couple of fumble recoveries, seven passes defended, and a defensive touchdown.

Obviously, the Jets are getting a star here, and the best part is that Mosley fits their 3-4 defense, as he played in the same style of defense in Baltimore.  There is no reason why New York should not expect Mosley to be every bit as productive as he was during his time with the Ravens, with Mosley flashing his talent as a run stopper, occasional pass rusher, and as a pass defender, particularly in 2016 when he logged four interceptions. 

Some guys can just slide into new teams with new surroundings and be perfectly fine, and Mosley is almost surely one of those players.

The Jets’ defense was already solid as it is, and with the addition of Mosley, it gets that much better.

Also, keep in mind that Mosley’s impact goes beyond just himself. Not only will Mosley be able to post numbers and dominate the game as an individual, but he will also help out the rest of New York’s defense, especially the other linebackers.  For example, Mosley will make Williamson, a fellow inside linebacker, better, and Williamson was already pretty good to begin with, as he registered 120 tackles, three sacks, a pick, a pair of forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery in 2018.

The duo of Mosley and Williamson will be lethal up the middle, and with solid pass rushers like Jenkins and Copeland on the outside, the Jets could end up having one of the best linebacking corps in football next season.  Throw in the fact that safety Marcus Maye is getting healthy after an injury-plagued second year in the NFL and will be back alongside of Jamal Adams, and New York should have a nasty defense in general.

While Bell stole all the headlines, Mosley may have been the best overall pickup for the Jets this offseason, as he is, without a doubt, one of the best linebackers in the league and might instantly become the best player on the Jets’ defense.  Expect another 100-tackle season out of Mosley with some sacks and fine pass coverage to boot, and expect better seasons from all of the players around him as a result.


Hes not a HOF LB but he's no liability to a defense, even in coverage 




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