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Thread for those of us giving Gase a clean slate.

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1 hour ago, Peace Frog said:

What the actual f*ck is wrong with you. 

We’re fans, nothing we do will have any effect on the play on the field.

Do you not understand how fan boards work?

What their purpose is?

Geezuz f*ck, why do you have to sh*t on every thread that doesn’t impact play on the field. 

Insufferable prick. 

It’s not that serious man. 

Its an opinion.


just like yours lmao. 

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5 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

Serious question, I’m not trying to cause any Darnold drama here.

I was intrigued with Klingsbury, and his offense, and would’ve been ok with hiring him here.

I never imagined he’d have the balls to get rid of a top 10 pick in Rosen and replace him with a air raid system QB.

if we had hired him, do you think he would’ve still wanted to draft Murray and trade Sam. That would’ve taken quite a big pair of stones....

He wouldn’t of been hired without committing to Sam. Periodttt...

the point of bringing a new young creative offensive guy in was so that he can help Darnold further his development because everyone in that building at One Jets Drive believes that he’s the one to finally break the curse.

No way.

And Kingsbury is going to be a terrible hire in my personal opinion. Whatevs tho.

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19 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

Yeah, you’re probably right, but then that would mean the Cardinals organization was so down on Rosen by the end of last year they didn’t feel the same way about bringing in the young creative O minded guy. Rosen wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s still a quick turnaround.

I don’t see what they were expecting. They gave him a worse OL than ours. They gave him no weapons.(aside from a 78 year old Larry Fitzgerald), the OC was fired mid-season and the coach was fired after one year of being a HC. I think the entire organization is/was a mess and Rosen should of been given another year. That’s a lot of bullsh*t to deal with as a rookie QB learning the hardest position in all of sports. His head was already spinning from the playbook and speed of the game but none of that other stuff helped.

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2 hours ago, Butterfield said:

I am willing to give him a clean slate, but that doesn’t equate to being a fanboy either.  

I didn’t particularly like the hire to begin with, and nothing has really changed since then.  So we will see.  

For whatever reason, this offseason has made me really disinterested in the jets and football in general.  Not at all excited for the season, like I usually am at this time.


This is about right. I will say one thing that has won me over with Gase is his personality. Not that this is a dating site or some sh*t, but he seems to be a lot more flexible in dealing with people than I previously thought. You see him talking to all these different players like L Bell, Robby, Sam and he kind of comes off light but also all about business. He tells Bell, “I want every play to have an answer, that’s what I’m going to spend all my time doing is making sure every play has an answer.” That’s communication skills we didn’t know about prior to him signing here. 

It’s his X’s And O’s, in game clock management and situational management that I’m looking forward to seeing. That’s whats going to say if he’s a better coach or not. Because I refuse to ignore the stats. His offenses were not good in Miami and they weren’t really good in Chicago either. I know that he had some injured QB’s but it is what it Is. I’m not letting that be the end all/be all or the primary excuse to why his offenses statistically ranked poorly. 

Waiting and seeing on Gase. Impressed so far though.

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