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Thread for those of us giving Gase a clean slate.

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The way he is with the media should have you guys jumping for joy. Yeah, this is probably his last chance at being a legit NFL coach, and I hope he takes the bull by the horns. That said, his 'take no s**t' approach I find refreshing. The media sucks, guys. You know it and I know it. Sports, news, music, all clowns. If you choose to ignore this I really can't help you. 


Give him a chance. And by that I mean, in NY temperament, this year and up to week 8 of next year. We are way too reactionary, generally speaking. 

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14 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

His “take no sh*t” approach led him to jettison very talented players and left him with one of the worst rosters in football.

Having a “take no sh*t” approach doesnt work.  You have to know who you are dealing w/ and treat that player appropriately.

Gase has alot to learn about coaching grown men.

Was he the GM in Miami? And also, at some point, and this is just me ranting a bit, but maybe pro athletes can STFU and listen to their GD bosses once in a while. And the boss can take his medicine too if he screws up, I'm fine with that. Maybe that's what happened to Gase in Miami. I don't follow them like I do the Jets and a few others so feel free to school me. I'm open to that. Miami isn't exactly a great organization, not that WE are either.


Yeah, they (athletes) sell the tickets, yadda yadda. But I look at the NBA and pray to God that what's going on there doesn't infect MLB, the NFL, or the NHL.

Coach: 'Hey man, play some D.'

Player: 'Nah, we're a Super Team and we don't do that.'

Umm.... NBA is a sh*t league, TV ratings notwithstanding.

Not picking on you or calling you out or anything (please know that) but have you ever managed people? I have and do every day. I have sh*t canned multiple people who brought in the $ but weren't team players and were toxic to the staff and the every day process of how a business works. 'Treat players appropriately' sounds like a cop out for people with talent to not buy in to what a team/business/organization is all about. 

Sports are different, sure. But not THAT different. Also, look at our recent 'Player's Coaches'. They ******* sucked. Rex was good for a bit but that's it.


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