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Thread for those of us giving Gase a clean slate.

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10 hours ago, Jet9 said:

The way he is with the media should have you guys jumping for joy. Yeah, this is probably his last chance at being a legit NFL coach, and I hope he takes the bull by the horns. That said, his 'take no s**t' approach I find refreshing. The media sucks, guys. You know it and I know it. Sports, news, music, all clowns. If you choose to ignore this I really can't help you. 


Give him a chance. And by that I mean, in NY temperament, this year and up to week 8 of next year. We are way too reactionary, generally speaking. 

His “take no sh*t” approach led him to jettison very talented players and left him with one of the worst rosters in football.

Having a “take no sh*t” approach doesnt work.  You have to know who you are dealing w/ and treat that player appropriately.

Gase has alot to learn about coaching grown men.

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