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Chris & Woody's Butler

Thread for those of us giving Gase a clean slate.

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20 hours ago, Chris & Woody's Butler said:

Like many I was up in arms over the Gase hiring.  I hated it...everything about it.  But amazingly, I'm now a huge believer that this guy just might be nuts enough to exorcise all the demons we've had to deal with forever.

He got Macc bounced, which got us a front office the likes of which we've never had, and the more I watch and observe of this guy the more I like him.

So I figured I'd start a thread for others like me that have had a change of heart and are kinda all in and fired up about Gase.

Count me in.  Can't believe I"m saying it but I'm a believer!

i think the jury is still out on who forced mac out.  mac was already on thin ice.  and while the end really shouldn't justify the means it looks like the jets have improved their front office.  it's almost like the jets finally decided to have football guys running the team.  this is the first time at least since parcells and before him...?

as for gase, his win-loss record with the doltfins at least matches up with the top jet coaches since the teams inception.  and he the first coach in a very long time who came in with previous nfl hc experience.  assuming he's a bright guy and capable of learning then he should do better than before.

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