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Thread for those of us giving Gase a clean slate.

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11 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

Serious question, I’m not trying to cause any Darnold drama here.

I was intrigued with Klingsbury, and his offense, and would’ve been ok with hiring him here.

I never imagined he’d have the balls to get rid of a top 10 pick in Rosen and replace him with a air raid system QB.

if we had hired him, do you think he would’ve still wanted to draft Murray and trade Sam. That would’ve taken quite a big pair of stones....

I don't believe that he'd do that.

Rosen was supposed to be the most pro ready QB prospect, but ended up with the worst season of all the rookie QB's. He is also a statue in the pocket and lacks throw on the run ability, and mobility. Which is what a QB needs for his system. Darnold would've actually been the perfect fit as he has an extremely similar skillset to his former pupil Mr. Pat Mahomes. 

Also Darnold as a prospect has a much higher ceiling than Rosen, and probably Murray too. Remember, Kingsbury took the OC job at USC to potentially coach Darnold back when it was 50/50 that he'd return to college or go pro. 

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I was indifferent to the Gase hire at first.

However now that he forced out Macc and got Douglas, I've created a wax statue of him that I pray to every night in my bedroom. 

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24 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

Two things you said I differ with, my friend. #1 is just my opinion, #2 Is a fact.

1. I think saying Darnold and Mahomes have similar skill sets is a bit of a stretch at this point. Darnold showed an ability to make plays outside the pocket, but I don’t think his mobility approaches that of Mahomes. I also think Darnold has an above average arm from what he showed last year, just not on the level of Mahomes.

The future looks bright for Darnold, but Mahomes is already an elite QB. There isn’t a player in the league I’d take over him. Again, that’s just my opinion.

2. Klingsbury didn’t take the USC OC job until after last season ended. He was only there a few weeks, then sought his release to pursue an NFL job. Sam had already finished his rookie year by then.

Okay woah I'm dumb 

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