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Giants WR Train Wrecks: Coleman tears ACL; Shepard fractures thumb; Tate suspended

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4 minutes ago, Hackenberg said:

And they'll still make more money than the Jets in ticket sales and just about any other category. Oh  boo hoo, darn the luck, darnit, darnit, darnit 

Jets outdrew your garbage team last year.

Jets 2nd in the NFL, Giants 9th.

Darnit, darnit


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6 hours ago, Hackenberg said:

Enough with the my team sh__. There is no- my team. I'm a nfl entertainment  fan. Not a one team, gang member fan.But Rams and Packers do get first in line privileges.

I said in every category. That means I'll also include combined and not just individually. It's painstakingly obvious  the Jets will never be as popular  or as money making as the Giants over the short or long term. 

Cherry picking a down year, doesn't take away from my over all correct statement. 

Nationally, the Giants are a god and the Jets are the ball boy. 


Too bad.  

Youre the Giants fan trolling a Jet board.  Or worse, a Rams, Packer fan.

But for someone who claims hes just a football fan looking for conversation taking a Jet busts name as your screen name says BS.

Nationally the Giants are not a god.  They're well known but hardly loved.  Theyre not Pitts, Dallas, SF etc.  


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2 minutes ago, Hackenberg said:

I'm a penn state fan. That's why I liked/picked him, you dolt. There's a guy here who already  took Browning Nagle. Go bitch at him lol. 

It doesn't mean I'm making fun of you or the Jets. But it still means I have a sense of humor and I don't take things literally  or personally.


From the nitwit who cant stop talking up the Giants and then claiming hes a Packers and Rams fan?  OK, I get that, makes sense

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