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ChrisFaceoff Weekend Training Camp trip recap

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6 hours ago, David Harris said:

The one thing that makes ALL of this possible is finally having a QB. Without Sam none of this “magic” can happen. It was a long time coming!

Just think back to 2014, Geno, 2015 Fitz, 2016 Fitz, 2017 McCown, ugh. How did any of us Jet fans get excited for our season? 

Honestly, we should have been compensated for being fans.

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8 hours ago, kdels62 said:

I’m not sure if you were actually there, please give us a more details.





jk... appreciate all of this 

So much for "Pics or it didn't happen" removing any doubt I guess haha ;)

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!  Glad to be able to provide some pics and thoughts, even though most are the re-hashed info bits already provided by everyone else.

I'm glad you enjoyed them.  


I'll have another on Saturday :)


If anyone wants some pics of a certain player, let me know, I'll try to get some for you during my last 2 trips this weekend and next.

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17 minutes ago, Maxman said:

Great recap.

On the autographs it seems like players are signing more cuz there's so few open practices. They only have to do it a few days a year now instead of every day.

Ehh, The last couple years were really tight on practices as well.  and the past 2 regimes really only sent players over by position groups as well.  Once last year I actually didn't even need to stay because it was the same guys as the day before.

either way, not complaining at all.  Its nice seeing the guys take the time to interact with the fans for so long, especially after 2-2.5 hr practices in that heat.  It was no joke there even just sitting on the bleachers, I cant imagine what it was like with pads, jersey, and helmet on.

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10 hours ago, chrisfaceoff said:

Hey guys.  I know a lot of better and more well organized members have already given their recaps.

But one more cant hurt, right?  Oh well, either way here it goes!

I live in Northeast PA, so I had about a 2-2.5 hr trip that I made each day at about 5 am to get there in time.(The only part I don't like about the early start time, otherwise, I love it!)  I've been going to EVERY open camp since 2009 started in Cortland.  It's my favorite time of the year to be able to get to see, and ultimately interact with some of the guys each year.


There are a couple things I have noticed for the first time in all my years of going.  The energy this team has right now is noticeable.  Its palpable, and it resonates from the top down from coaches to the players, and then to the fans.  Yesterday's practice the fans were vocal, and cheering much more than any other years, but today was a completely different level.  I'm sure by now you all saw the video of Williams coming over to talk to the fans mid practice.  I truly believe they saw how into it the crows was, and after his speech the crowd became that more vocal.  Only once in 2009 did I see a coach interact with the fans in the middle of practice like he did, and that was in 2009-10 years ago, when the GOAT Mike Westhoff talked to some of the fans in between drills, but no where near the level of what Greg did where he specifically addressed us.  I was front and center for that experience, and it has entered my top 3 camp moments since I started going. It was quite a nice unexpected experience.  I was ready to run through a wall for Gregg after that(more on him later)


Its no secret he is a polarizing player on this forum for whatever reason, but there was more Adams Jerseys than any other player over the past 2 days.  He makes so much time for the fans afterwards to sign autographs.  This kid gets it.  The way he is with all the kids, talking to them in between pics and signing is going to make some of these kids fans for life.  The team has been preaching culture change, and He is the one driving the car for it.


For the first time in forever, it feels like we truly have a head coach.  I liked Rex, I liked Todd as well(well up until last year at least).  I was critical and worried about he Gase signing.  My first impression is we blew it on picking him.  The introduction press conference disaster did nothing to make me feel otherwise.  But after that, listening to him speak, seeing how he talks to our guys, I feel much more comfortable.  The main difference i notice that separates him from the other coaches is that he is all over the field talking with all of them, and the players...on both sides of the ball.  He is balancing it better.  He was excited when talking to Adams yesterday, and I noticed him with Gregg earlier today.


There is a whole other level of energy in the practices.  Especially with the defense.  It doesn't matter if its a fumble or incomplete pass.  These guys go after that ball on the ground as if it is a live game tied in the 4th quarter and they are in the opponents redzone.  Not going for a tie, but going for the throat and the win.  There is a much more overall hustle, and follow through on the drills as well.  When the team breaks a huddle they aren't saying "Jets" like usual, they are saying "Hard work".  I think its a new mindset, and not just a slogan 


Offensive Player Notes:

Darnold is noticeable leaner, and you can tell his confidence is growing.  

I REALLY REALLY REALLY like our receivers.  Crowder is going to be a big time weapon for us, His chemistry with him is already on the level of Robby and Q.  Burnett also is coming on really strong.

Running Backs also a strength.  Bell has had some good plays, and him in space is going to be deadly, especially hen Montgomery is on the field with him.  Ty has made the most of his reps, and I think coaches see it too.  There were several plays with both him and Bell on the field, and well, defenses take your pick!  Powell is looking good as well.  Cannon had a couple drops yesterday, but if he could only bring that in, its insane to see his speed in person.

TE:  Another position that has some quiet promise with it.  I was watching some of Wesco, and I am more confident with this pick.  I think he is more than just a blocker.  While its going to be tough without Chris while on suspension.  It might not be a glaring hole as much as we thought.

Not nearly as many flags as last year. Its early, but a VERY promising sign.


Defensive Player Notes:

One thing really jumped out to me yesterday, and not for the good.  Almost any time Quinnen Williams was on the sideline, he was GASSED.  Almost always on his knee.  Definitely has to work on conditioning.  I know he was away for a little bit, but he needs to work on that for sure.

Poole and Adams are definitely the standouts for me.  Always around the Ball.  Adams was killing it today!

Frankie Luvu also always wrecking havoc

Leo is hyped.  I want to expect big things, but I also hope its not just for the payday.  He seems like he is more focused and intense.

I was hoping to see some stuff from Nathan Sheppard, but I didnt notice him at all.  This makes me sad.


Special Teams Notes

I am not comfortable with the Cat Man.  He did not have a good day yesterday.  Jut about the only thing people Booed about.


After camp notes.

It seems like much more players come to sign for the fans as opposed to other years.  Sam has signed both days, as well as Adams.  Maybe its from management to engage the fans more, IDK, but its nice to see.

Gregg came over to sign autographs and talk to the fans.  And he is a very motivational person to listen to when he speaks.  I love to go around to get autographs after practice for a team ball for my collection every year, but I stayed by him for about 10 minutes listening to him talk.  He was 100% real, and definitely no "PR spin" on what he said, which is very welcoming.  My favorite quote that he said to us was(and it was very close to this) :

" Its why I coach, these kids want to be coached, they loved to be coached.  Its why I love what I do.  Its why I go teach seminars, its why I went to ___(I forget what he said).  Everyone things the most destructive thing in life is either narcotics, or alcohol, its not.  The most destructive force is ego.  So some of these kids make it, and some of them wont.  I'm blessed to be here, to be here with you, and help get these guys where they need to be.  Woody Johnson could bring whoever the f**k he wants to bring here, and I will treat them all the same.  Its my job to teach these kids, its my job to help them grow as a player and as men."

I wear the same shirt every year when I go, Its a lime green "F**k the Patriots" shirt, and everyone loves it.  The camera crew was looking around in the tent for a video, and he came around the corner after a long shot and saw my shirt and just stopped and dipped his head, and said "Well ti was good up until that point".  I said, Oh come on!, and he says, "No, trust me, I absolutely love it.  I want to use it, but if the sponsors see it, they wont be happy"

Later that day I was getting an autograph from Harvey Langi(who was on the patriots last season), and someone said to him, "You should sign the shirt".  He looks at me to see the shirt and says, "You know I played for the Patriots, right?"  I don't know if he thought I'd back down or apologize, and I just looked at him stone face and said "Sorry not sorry, you're here know though!  It doesn't change my opinion"  He smiled giving my ball back after the signature, and said, "Nah man, you're good.  I support that!"  Everyone laughed.



...Well that's it(for this weekend).  Like I said, other people probably provide a better recap, or stories, but hopefully this helped you kill some time, and you enjoyed a long lengthy read.  I am going to attach some pictures in the post below and hopefully you guys and girls like them as well!


Thanks for reading!



Great job.  Hope we hear more reports from you.

If I were you I'd stay overnight instead of making that 5 hour drive daily.  LOL

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