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Ryan Kalil coming out of retirement!


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I have no problem with this, simply for the sake of Darnold, particularly since I was never particularly comfortable with Macc's apparent blind faith in Harrison based off one partial season as part of an overall disappointing OL.

That said, I'm curious what the cost will be, as both age and health make it clearly only a very short-term solution.

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Intersting little fact (to me at least)

Back in 2007 draft, when we moved up to get Revis, we sent our 2nd to the Panthers; which they used to take Ryan Kalil.  Hopefully Kalil's career will end better than Darrelle's did.

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2 minutes ago, MindOverMatter said:

Wow, was not expecting a move to upgrade the Center position but I sure am happy it happened. Now Harrison can be a great back-up, does he have experience playing Guard?

Apparently he played a little bit of guard for Indy in 2016.  Regardless, I can't think of any instance of a center who was unable to transition to guard.  It's the opposite that tends to be a bigger problem for players.

While I was far from convinced enough about Harrison to let him just be handed the center job, I'd absolutely let him go into full competition with Winters for his job (or even Osemele, if at any point he seems to not be playing at the same level as expected).  Nothing wrong with a little extra motivation for players.

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