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Polite is a bust

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47 minutes ago, nyjunc said:

Him and his buddy do nothing but attack me, the second I attack back they cry and a mod chimes in.  They never chime in the 150 insults before that for some reason.

I get it, they get upset because they cannot attack my info so they attack a stranger who they don't know but I should be able to respond one in a while with a mod taking to me when 99% of the insults come from them toward me.


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On 8/7/2019 at 5:29 PM, T0mShane said:

In your face, @nyjunc


On 8/12/2019 at 10:01 PM, T0mShane said:

Yes, but he broke my heart because I thought he’d be our Derrick Thomas so I created that narrative to retroactively suit my brittle emotional needs, friend.

I think you just saw a shot at an MFM where you didn't have to be the girl for a change.

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On 8/8/2019 at 3:48 AM, Bowles Movement said:

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but this seems a little over the top.

Im not saying the guy was a great GM but you do realize the team most of us are high on (and expecting possible playoffs from ) was constructed totally by Mac with the exception of Kalil.   I personally think Darnold aside his last draft class is going to be his best.  

I wonder if the Jets have a great year could Mac win his second executive of the year award “ posthumously”?

I wasn’t trying to be “over the top”.  I only want to show that Maccagnan, a huge percentage of the time made “scared, safe moves”, moves that usually had a built in buffer from criticism, and that’s why he no longer has a job in the NFL in any capacity as of today.  Anyone can see the guy was trying to first and foremost protect his own job at the expense of the Franchise.

Even the Hackenberg pick was equipped with the excuse, and he actually used it, “well at least it wasn’t a 1st Rd QB miss”...I’m sure he thought the following way in his 1 step, 1 move at a time mind...”If I hit this Hackenberg lottery ticket, I’m a genius, even though I myself know I’m an idiot, and I’m collecting GM checks for another 15 years, he whiffs? Then “oh well, at least he wasn’t a 1st Rd Miss, John Elway has a bunch of those, at least I don’t”.

I actually have even more confidence in Gase seeing how quickly he got this bumbling fool bounced in a time so quick I wouldn’t have dreamed of it.

As far as this year’s draft goes I only hope you’re right and I only wish the best for it, but based on Maccagnan’s track record, I don’t have high hopes.

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On 8/8/2019 at 8:33 AM, thshadow said:

I was going to say the over/under on sacks for him is 2.  And that will all be based on how many snaps he gets as DPR...

I got him at 6-7. I think the kid is going to do well in this defense. He will be the anti Gholston, not drafted too high, not a lot of expectations, didn't have a good combine and will light it up on the field when he gets a chance. 

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