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Poll: Now that you have seen them on TV do you like the new uniforms?


New Uniforms poll  

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On 8/8/2019 at 9:45 PM, Integrity28 said:

Paint color on helmet is alright. The rest of the uniforms are a design atrocity. Bottom 5 in the league. Old uniforms were top 5, and I didn't even love them. They were just real football unis. These look like the Chinese knockoff sports jerseys you see online. Cheap and awkwardly designed look to them.

OK Mr Blackwell ; whatever you say .

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it's appropriate they are wearing Mourning Black for MNF in honor of the Jets' lost 2019 season


serious answer:

Helmets and new logo are nice.

The shoulders are better than last year... but that's not saying much 

i'm looking forward to spotlight white... i don't want to see any kind of green pants but I'm sure I will 

in the end they should come up with new ones in another few years to wash away the stink of losing 

the reason why this laundry was good was because it was fresh 

if they make all these changes and go 4-12 again (or worse) that's all we will remember this as the year the Jets ripped us off again


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28 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

In daylight the Greens are really nice. 


Agreed.  The Gotham Green's look very good.  The helmets are really fantastic and the shoulder/pant stripes compliment each other very symmetrically.  The weight of the helmet font which looked a little awkward on just the helmet looks really right against the balance of the rest of the uniform graphics.

Can't wait to see Stealth Black at night on Monday.


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2 hours ago, HessStation said:

I don’t like the white thing on the shoulder


I think Nike nailed it.  The white stripe is a basic straight sleeve stripe when looking at it from the side and then becomes a pointed 'wing' or jet 'contrail' that matches the pant stripe when looking from the front view. 

The stripe also makes the shoulder section look separated (think NY Rangers white jersey) without it actually being separated and jarring.  For such a simple white stripe its actually doing a lot of sophisticated things from a design standpoint.


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52 minutes ago, SAR I said:




1.  The Pro Bowl uniforms look very similar to ours, look like a Jets 'wings' design concept that was rejected.

2.  We really need Gunmetal Grey alternates, looks great against the green.


There was a proposed design on JN that had grey pants.  I thought these looked pretty cool.  I still say the best our uni's looked this year was against the Raiders.  Beautiful contrast between those 2 uniforms.


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