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Catanzaro was Bad, Decided to Retire, and the Jets Need a Kicker (merged)

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5 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:


Cuz you know...money

Whats worse, letting a guy who played good for you walk because of the asking price or signing a guy on the cheap that you knew was bad the first go'round that ends up playing as expected then retiring?

But hey atleast Macc got support for this move until it revealed itself to be even worse than some of us thought. 


Cantazaro was not "bad" the first go round..  he made 100% of his EP's and 84% of his FG's.

The only reason Meyers was even here was because they let a guy who played good for them walk because of the asking price.

Obviously Chandler, like Folk, lost their mojo...  it's ok...  I'm sure Joe D will find a K and I'm positive we'll win more than the 4 games we did when Juggernaut Jason Meyers was on the team.


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