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I'm looking forward to the announcers actually mentioning Jets players!  Last weeks game was brutal!

i like. 

My wife has been giving me the evil eye for an hour since I said I was watching the Jets game. Might have to unlock the door and let her back in.

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10 minutes ago, BUM-KNEE said:

He was holding his crank on the cart, maybe groin strain

I hope you’re right but the corner had his arm pinned and he couldn’t brace for the fall at all and his head slammed the turf 

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The stream I am watching isn't showing commercials. Instead, it's showing what happens on the screen during commercials. The announcers keep circling things, rewinding, replaying, fast forwarding; basically getting ready for when they come back from commercial. 

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2 minutes ago, MichaelScott said:

I'm not home for the game and I forgot to DVR. Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can stream/rewatch the game after it ends? 

Im watching a stream on facebook right now


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