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Baldy on Darnold vs Falcons

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3 hours ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Who's talking about YOU? LOL. Relax.  

Lmao. Just saw your earlier comments and I know who you were talking about. You’re not too subtle, it’s me kids!

 I’ll own up. Sam didn’t impress me the first half of last year, except for the first game against the Lions. After that he went into a tailspin that ended mercifully with him at what? 10 tds and 14 ints after the Miami game and “bootgate”? I thought he stunk, and I said so.

That 3 game injury/ benching was the best thing to happen to him though, because to his credit, he had 3 really good games before laying another egg (along with everyone else) in the final game.

So yeah, I wasn’t as impressed as a lot of you, and said so. I’m not walking it back either. I’m not sure he’s going to become a fqb, said that also. I also never said we should get rid of him, but I did say that I love the Jets so I want him to succeed because I want this team to win.

A couple of people here who I like asked me to lay off, and let the positive threads about Sam stay that way, so I have.  Its not because I feel differently about him. I don’t. I’m still waiting until I feel he’s the guy so many of you do, haven’t seen it yet, and all the fluff pieces haven’t changed my mind.

Hows that buddy? Did I own up enough for you? Are we cool or are you going to come back with the dumb “closet Giant fan” s**t again, which only makes me laugh, because it means I’m annoying you. Believe it or not, that’s not my deal, even when we butt heads, you’re one of the guys here I like.

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Who the hell are these guys here who think someone has to meet their expectations of how a Jet fan has to post here about any player?

If somebody doesn’t share your opinion, grow a pair and deal with it. 

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