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Phil Savage Spotted Scouting Patriots/Titans Game

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40 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

Of course it's not the first game he's watched. He's a football guy. I'm sure he's watching ALL of em actually. 

The interesting thing is we are not sending a scout to the Pats game. We sent Savage.  The former GM who was responsible for giving Douglas his first job in the pros and is pretty much his right hand man as the football advisor to the GM.  

It's not ground breaking but come on man. You're being a poopy pants.  It's definitely interesting at minimum.  More so than an onion article on FA's being warned they may have to play for the Jets anyway. No?  That joke was first done during the Coslet years for Pete's sake. 

Every single GM in the league does this, even Mac. I'm not sure why this is a story since it happens with every franchise year in and year out.

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