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Dolphins had the 3rd highest % of snaps with 3+ WRs

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It's all about flexibility with limited personnel.  

Let's take the Rams, running 11 personnel.  

Defenses have big trouble stacking the box (8 defenders) against 11 personnel because it leaves 1 on 1 match ups outside.  This makes the running back's lives much easier.  

Last year, here is the list of guys facing the least amount of stacked boxes:

1. Cohen (He's more a pass catcher rather than a runner)

2.  Smallwood (See above)

3.  Gurley (a heavy use RB that doesn't see stacked boxes? See the list at the start of thread)

4.  Drake (See list)

5.  Penny (More elusive type guy)

6.  Williams (GB)

7.  Hines

8.  Gore

So you can see a fairly good correlation between high 11 personnel and the lack of stacked boxes.  

Now you want field separation.   

I already made the comparison of Crowder to Robert Woods in one article so we have the horizontal separation.  This is key for short routes and intermediate area.  

When McVay first got to the Rams, the first thing he did was get speed to keep the safeties honest.  He got Watkins first, and then after he was mediocre, he got Cooks.  Why? Because teams can't bring both safeties near the line, if there is a deep threat inherent in the formation.  Look at what Shanahan did when he got to Atlanta? Taylor Gabriel.  What did he do in SF? Godwin.  Same thing Philly is going to do now.  Jackson to keep the safeties back, and then betting on Ertz/Jeffery/Whitside to win intermediate areas.  

Second, inline TE that can catch.  

This was basically one of the keys to the Pats offense in past years because Gronk could block as well as be a monster on the outside.  I don't think anyone can expect to replicate it, but having someone be able to block against not stacked boxes increases your chances of positive yards.  If the defense counters with a bigger linebacker (say David Harris type) then you motion him outside and instant mismatch.  Gase tried this with Gesecki, but turns out he can't block much at all.  The Rams have Everett and I think Higsbee, who were decent two way guys.  

X factor:  The one on one nightmare.  This is where the Jets lack, IMO.  For the Rams, Kupp is a one on one nightmare because he's a great route runner.  Packers have Adam, Steelers had Brown, and Bucs have Evans.  The Jets have Enunwa.  While I believe in Enunwa, I don't think he's near those guys at all, but he needs to be a monster this season.  

The whole idea being that it's not a specialized role.   If the call is run, the TE and Enunwa can be extra blockers against what most likely won't be a stacked box.  If the call is pass, then Bell can act as an outlet option, while the TE is a legit receiving threat as well.  You don't have to get say Eric Tomlinson in to block (he can't block, but Lord knows he can't catch either) which gives away your intentions.  

If you look at the Rams, their offense took a downturn when Kupp went down, because they don't have that intermediate A level threat.  I think aside from having A star level WR as No. 1, Gase pretty much walked into a perfect set up to run 11 personnel as much as he wants, barring injuries.  

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