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Sign her up.


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10 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

I would sign both Lloyd and Kaepernick if only to watch Staten Island and Suffolk County turn into one massive The Purge of incels and assorted Italians almost overnight. 

You are just too funny.  Awesome.


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14 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

woke idea

arlene dickinson no GIF by CBC

I'm sure she can kick it's just this whole woke thing. People start actually putting a little brain power into thinking about something other than themselves and they think it makes them philosophers. Like somehow they've achieved enlightenment due to simple thoughts that are finally starting to leak into their head. It's even funnier when you see some of these woke people talking on tv and they can barely form a coherent sentence.

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15 hours ago, British Jet said:

Any soccer player can do this. 

:)I think you meant to say any football player, since "soccer" (football to the rest of the world) is a game where you kick the ball in the goal with your foot as opposed to american football where the ball is carried or passed to the goal - handball was taken and throwball or carryball does not have the same ring...

I fully support signing her - the Jets victory created this league, time to take the next step (surprised we did not see Julie Ertz taking a shot)

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So silly to me that these are hot button topics, if she can do the job she should be welcomed and embraced.

Also, in general men are bigger, stronger and faster than women, top women generally cant compete athletically with top males. (although millenial hipsters and T0m seem to be reversing that pretty quickly.)

I really dont understand why anyone is threatened by the former or finds the latter in anyway controversial.

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51 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

It would be almost impossible for her to be worse than the assortment of clowns we've had missing XPs so far this preseason.

I wonder if a kicker's NFL salary would be a financial boon for her.

Oh hell yeah.  USWNT players can only make a max of $260K, and that's if they win the World Cup.  Which only occurs once every 4 years.  And the Women's Pro Leagues have meager pay. 

Meanwhile, the lowest paid Kickers in the league make $495K for a season of work, with the median salary for a starting kicker sitting at about $2.5-$3M.  Huge payday compared to the scratch Women's Soccer players make, even in a country that values its Women's Soccer program.  

Granted, they DO get nice endorsement deals, but only if they're star players, whereas I can't think of any NFL Kickers get sizable endorsement deals.  But yeah, in terms of salary, total financial boon if she got a starting Kicking spot in the NFL.  

Alex Morgan's net worth, when including all her endorsements, is estimated to be about $3M by the way.  15 kickers in the NFL make more than that on an annual basis.  

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