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Cimini-Polite on roster bubble?

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Well, at least now we know Cimini's JetNation username 

They should get Polite some weapons first.

Ya, I was just thinking that the guys knocking the ex gm with a 24-40 record are the crazy ones. Not the one still enthusiastically defending him months after he left, that guy is sane. Move on P

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Just now, Peace Frog said:

I wish there was a thread where we could discuss this. 

Was thinking the same thing, how could we have missed this?  

And wheres the link to this supposed podcast?

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Would be interesting to see if he's cut whether another team signs him.  Seems doubtful as the Jets are perceived as a team with a need at outside pass rusher and if Gregg Williams sees no hope in him, would anyone else?  I'd imagine he becomes a PS candidate if he clears waivers.

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I have resigned myself to the fact that, particularly with the injury/suspension, Polite makes the roster, if not as the 53rd guy, and see if he figures it out.  

I don’t think he is on the 2020 roster, but maybe I am wrong.

He is just a guy that is not that smart.  Like Anderson.  Robby eventually got it...sort of.  

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1 hour ago, derp said:

Gholston was taken sixth overall, Polite was a dice roll in the third round.

That said, Macc did absolutely have a propensity for dice rolls that did not work out.

Also agree with those saying Cimini doesn’t have a ton of credibility.

Finally, beauty of a new GM is no loyalty to prior GM’s picks. This year’s 53 will make the roster on merit.

That said, if Polite is cut I’d guess he lands on another team’s roster for at least a bit.

I’ve been following the Jets a long time and I don’t recall a draft pick (top 4 rounds) written off as fast as Polite. 

Literally five days into camp there were reports of how badly he was struggling. 

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27 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

So, in other words, he’s predicting that he will make the roster.

How would we know that Polite only “barely” made the roster? 

If when Cimini tweets out the Jets' final roster, he puts this emoji 🧸 next to Polite's name.

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2 hours ago, SteamyRayVaughn said:

On his podcast (terrific listen) he predicted Polite would barely make the roster. 

The kid is looking like Vernon Gholston in Rd 3

1. There’s no such thing as Gholston in Rd 3

2. You either make the roster or you don’t. What’s barely? 

Edit: comment not intended at the OP, rather questioning Semeni’s thought process. 

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Just now, J_Smith said:

Meanwhile I’m watching josh Allen absolutely demolish miami’s Starters tonight. Run defense, coverage, pass rush. Would be nice to have a game wrecker, hurts when you pass on one

He’s the only other guy I wanted at 3.  I still think QW becomes a tremendous player for us but man we coulda had Josh Allen and Jadaveon Clowney ugh

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